Building on a people’s movement for change…
Young couple on their wedding day both in wheelchairs

Our aim is to connect and empower people with long term health conditions and disabilities so that they can have greater choice and control in their lives.

Male with disabilities in electric wheelchair with friends and carers infront of a tent in a field

“The quality of our lives depends on the presence or absence of things that are important to us”
– Michael Smull

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Personal health budgets have the power to transform people’s lives.

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“Having the right care and support in place has given me the ability, and the confidence, to get out and start living my life again.”
– Robyn’s story

Peoplehub is an independent not-for-profit organisation created and led by people with lived experience of personal health budgets.

We work to ensure that more people with long-term health conditions and disabilities are able to shape their lives by making the decisions about their health and wellbeing that matter most to them.


We know that connecting with people in similar circumstances gives us the confidence that we’re not on our own. It provides us with a valuable opportunity to learn from each other. Our peoplehub Facebook group is a community to connect and share our experiences and knowledge of personal health budgets.

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Lady in a wheelchair in a garden with a brown labrador assistance dog with it's front legs on her lap


We have created a series of useful guides and information packs to offer realistic information to individuals and families considering having a personal health budget. We know how essential it is to have access to good quality information. The resources have been created by people with lived experience and cover a range of topics.

See our resources here


We are committed to continuing to enable people to contribute their ideas and experiences alongside people working within the health and care system and organisations. Meaningful co-production is one way that people’s lived experiences can inform and influence services, policies and practices.

Find out more about co-production here

Blonde lady with her dark haired brother in a wheelchair with head support, both smiling at the camera