Deb’s Story

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‘Of course you will be involved in what care you receive,’ my mum said not long after I was told I had the long-term condition … View Article

Robyn’s story

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In 2006, at the age of 21, my life was turned completely upside down. I had a car crash and broke my neck, sustaining a … View Article

Declan’s story


Declan’s diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy meant he relied on two carers for all moving and handling needs. He relied heavily on his mum for … View Article

Martin’s story


Martin was unhappy with his wheelchair. Not only did it cause him discomfort, it was not suitable for the activities he wanted to pursue. He … View Article

Mason’s story


Mason had been an inpatient for 18 months, and wanted to make sure his discharge was successful. His support team and family worked together to … View Article

Shelley’s story


Shelley had a pattern of hospital admissions, and was receiving section 117 aftercare. A different conversation with her helped her to identify a personalised package … View Article

Malcolm’s story


My father Malcolm was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia shortly after retiring, and within two years had been placed in care under section, with little expectation … View Article

Gina and James’ Story

Gina’s son, James, has Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and left school last year. He now uses a personal education budget and a personal health budget together to … View Article

Stephen’s Story

In 2008, Stephen had an accident and sustained a spinal injury, which left him tetraplegic, and completely paralysed from the shoulders down. After three months … View Article

Martin’s story

Martin is a woodworking machinist from Hartlepool. He has motor neurone disease and uses his personal health budget for a modified bicycle and a gym … View Article

Debbie and Brian’s Story


Debbie, from Doncaster, used a personal health budget to organise flexible nursing care at her home after her father, Brian, became immobile and needed 24/7 … View Article

David’s story

David, from Nottingham, receives a personal health budget as a direct payment for health care. He has T5 paraplegia from the chest down, and needs … View Article

Chelsey’s story

Chelsey uses her PHB to give flexibility and choice around the various things she finds helps manage her depression, including counselling. It is really important … View Article

Thomas’ Story

Our son, Thomas, has profound and multiple learning disabilities. The traditional system of support through a care provider… View Article

Andrew’s Story

My son Andrew was aged three when he had a minor operation which left him with a severe brain injury. The NHS care could be … View Article

Peter’s Story

Peter worked as an engineer before qualifying as a teacher of craft, design and technology, which took him to the Bahamas. It was whilst living … View Article

Valerie’s Story

I’m 63 and been differently-abled from birth with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2: a progressive, degenerative muscular condition, causing weakness and wasting of muscles. This … View Article

Sandie’s Story

After learning to walk again following the removal of a benign brain tumour Sandie, from Norfolk, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She uses her personal … View Article

Mitchell’s Story


Key Message: Giving more power and control to an individual can make a big difference to the quality of their life.

Mitchell’s mother writes: When … View Article