This hashtag has 3 aims: to connect people who have a personal health budget; share images of what’s possible with a personal health budget; and start to build a community of experience independent of any organisational structure.

Where does this idea come from?

myPHBstoryIn 2017, NHS England commissioned an independent survey of how personal health budgets were being implemented. This was completed by nearly 400 people who held a personal health budget and people who were considering a personal health budget.

  • 83% of the people who already had a personal health budget said they found out about them through a non-professional route.
  • 54% of people who didn’t already have a personal health budget said that more than anything else, they wanted to hear other people’s personal health budget stories when applying.

Hearing from people who have real, lived experience of having a personal health budget, helps people take the leap into something new, so we wanted to create a way that PHB holders could share their experiences with each other through social media.

What’s happening now?

On 9th May 2018, we successfully launched #myPHBstory at an exciting event for people from across the country who kick-started the twitter activity. Now the momentum is growing! In a recent week, there were 100 tweets by 55 by different people, which reached 274,720 accounts.

How can you join in the discussions and stories?

#myPHBstory is live and is the space for sharing PHB stories. Here you will find people with PHBs describing how their lives have been changed for the better.

Look out for announcements and plans for regular twitter chats. See what people are up to. Ask what works (or what doesn’t).

Need to know who to follow? Look through the tweets in the timeline, if anything takes your interest, reply or follow that person to keep track of their story. Please join us in the #myPHBstory space – see you there!