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New Partnership Launch

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership between peoplehub and! is a “wiki” website, created by a community of people who run a care budget either for themselves, their children, or a close relative. All of the content is submitted by those who manage a personal health budget themselves, and is therefore informed by those who know what managing a personal health budget is like in real life.

The vision for MyCareBudget was developed early on in a research project that was being run by the Open Lab at Newcastle University, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The research was led by Peter Glick, a family carer, as part of his PhD.

Peoplehub contributed to the research alongside many other personal health budget holders. As an organisation, we strongly support the sharing of strengths and knowledge amongst the personal health budget community. We know from experience how important it is for people to have examples of policies and documentation when they are creating and running a care package.

The following text was offered by one of the people that helped bring MyCareBudget into being:

“This is an online peer support community platform that enables PHB users to share useful policies, documents and templates that have helped them manage their PHB for the benefit of other PHB users. This includes things like ‘Health and Safety Policies’, ‘Staff rotas’, ’employment law guidelines’ and ‘person-centred plans’ (just to name a few!).

It also points PHB users to other helpful resources and useful websites, as well as providing an opportunity for people to answer each other’s questions and provide peer support. It provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for those starting out with managing a PHB, as well as those who are experienced budget managers, and enables them to become better in their management role.”

Up until the middle of 2023, the research budget paid for the cost of the IT (servers, emails, domain name). Peoplehub is pleased to have been able to take responsibility for funding going forward in order to sustain this vital resource. This has so far included creating a new logo for the website, and further developments are planned.

Watch this space!

January 2024