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Our Stories

These first-hand accounts of people’s experiences offer a powerful description of how people can have more choice and control in their lives. They show how people have used their personal health budgets in different ways to meet their health and well-being needs. We know it’s important to hear about possible pitfalls as well as the positive impact. These stories demonstrate what is achievable, and how the processes work in real life.

Charlotte and Tom’s Story

Charlotte and Tom both have complex, progressive, life-limiting conditions. Their personal health budget has enabled them to get married, live ...

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Happy family of three generations, standing around a middle aged male in a wheelchair

Mark’s Story

When my brother was 34, he was assaulted, leaving him with complex needs and severe brain damage. We had to ...

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Young dark haired man with disabilities in a wheelchair, smiling

Thomas’s Story

Our son Thomas has profound and multiple learning disabilities. More traditional systems of support through a care provider failed to ...

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Husband and wife in their late 50s with arms around each other smiling at the camera

Malcolm’s Story

It’s almost exactly 10 years ago I took on the role of caring for my father, Malcolm, full-time. He’d been ...

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Teenager with disability in the foreground in a restaurant with family and friends in the background

Mitchell’s Story

Mitchell’s mother writes: When my son, Mitchell, was born twenty years ago, I joined a ‘community’ of people whose lives have ...

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Man in an electric wheelchair on the beach with his daughter buried in the sand in the foreground, both happy and smiling

Stephen’s Story

In 2008, Stephen had an accident and sustained a spinal injury, which left him tetraplegic and completely paralysed from the ...

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Lady in a wheelchair with a man standing with his arm around her chair, both dressed in black tie

Valerie’s Story

I’m 63 years old and been differently-abled from birth with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, which is a progressive and ...

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Male teenager sitting in an electric wheelchair with a medium sized terrier dog on his lap

Andrew’s Story

My son Andrew was aged three when he had a minor operation which left him with a severe brain injury. ...

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