The Strategic Co-production Group is made up of people with ‘lived experience’ of a personalised approach to health care, who help deliver and shape key NHS personalised health care programmes, including personal health budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning.

The Strategic Co-production Group at NHS England plays an important role in the development and delivery of the personal health budget and Integrated Personal Commissioning programmes. Specifically the group:

  1. Has a leadership role and champions for the personal health budget and Integrated Personal Commissioning programmes;
  2. Ensures that what people are being offered through the programmes is clear, empowering, outcomes-focused and makes sense to them;
  3. Promotes what is important and what works for people with ‘lived experience’ regarding personal health budget and Integrated Personal Commissioning;
  4. Enables a feedback loop to the Programme Board and national team so that they are more aware of how things are going ‘on the ground’.

“It’s been an incredible journey working within a supportive team who are equally passionate and genuine about helping shape future policy around personalisation, never losing focus on reminding everyone involved that it’s about people.” – Mel, Member of the Strategic Co-production Group, Lincolnshire

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