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We have created a series of guides and information packs to offer realistic and useful information to individuals and families. We’ve also shared some documents that we reference within the guides, and some useful links.

This first guide provides some key information about personal health budgets. It explains what they are, who can have one and how you might start the process of applying for one.

This second guide is about the critical process of care and support planning. It explains what a care and support plan is, what you need to know to be able to write your plan, and the essential elements that should be included.

This third guide explores the different ways that personal health budgets can be held, and the options for managing the money and the responsibilities.

This fourth guide provides some ideas and tips for getting and managing a personal health budget, and for working with the health professionals who are supporting you.

This first pack focuses on what the NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment is, including: what kind of needs may be eligible, how these needs are assessed and what happens if you are not eligible, or if you become ineligible at a later stage.

This second pack focuses on the NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment itself, including: what you should be able to expect of a good assessment, what information you should gather and how you can best prepare for the assessment.

Other Resources

These guides were part of the original personal health budget toolkit, collating learning from the pilot programme. Although written in 2012, and aimed at professionals implementing personal health budgets in the NHS, we feel they contain useful information for individuals and families too.

This guide aims to share learning around good quality advice, advocacy and brokerage functions and how they can support a shift in power and decision making, within a clear partnership.

This guide is about what works for families who use a third party organisation to manage their personal health budgets, and is written by people with direct experience of personal health budgets.

This good practice guide outlines learning and approaches in relation to the delegation of tasks to personal assistants for personal health budget holders.

Useful Links

Personal health budgets

Guidance on the legal rights to have personal health budgets and personal wheelchair budgets

Guidance on Direct Payments for Healthcare: Understanding the Regulations

Guidance on delegation of healthcare task to personal assistants within personal health budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning

Easy Read: All about personal health budgets

NHS England’s personal health budget pages

Skills for Care: ‘Employing personal assistants’ toolkit

Continuing Healthcare & Continuing Care

NHS Continuing Healthcare Guidance and Resources

Easy Read: What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

Beacon – Continuing Healthcare Advice and Advocacy

Children and young people’s Continuing Care Guidance and Resources

Personalised Care

Universal Personalised Care: Implementing the Comprehensive Model

NHS England’s Peer Leadership Development Programme


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