Covid-19Many of us have questions and concerns about the coronavirus and employing personal assistants, amongst other things. We will be sharing on here any relevant information and guidance that we hear about, and would encourage you to share with us links to guidance or top tips that would help us all.

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  • Updated guidance for people receiving direct payments Update 22 July 2020
    Page 3 has been updated to say that if you can’t talk to anyone, you can still use your direct payment in a different way to make sure you still get the care and support you need during COVID-19. Just make sure you keep notes of how you spent your direct payment differently during this time so that the council or clinical commissioning group can understand this. Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for people receiving direct payments
  • Face Covering Exemptions
    The government have added people with disabilities to the list of people exempt from wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces. The exemptions include anyone under the age of 11, those with disabilities, hidden health conditions such as breathing difficulties, mental health conditions or autism.
    More information, including downloadable exemption cards are available here:

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*Please contact your local CCG and/or Employer’s Insurance company for individual advice*

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