These three new information packs are written by people who’ve been through the NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment process, with input from health professionals and other specialists. We wrote them by considering what would have helped us most, when we were faced with the assessment.

MitchellThese short packs answer the questions we most wanted answered, and which lots of people have told us they need to know.

We are sharing them with everyone not to replace the NHS info. They are here to help you feel a bit more in control and a bit less powerless, through having a better understanding of how the process works, what you can contribute and what to expect. They also give you a link to a specialist advice service; and further reading if you want that.

Pack one: What kind of needs may be eligible to be funded by NHS Continuing Healthcare and how are they assessed? What happens if I am not eligible or if I become ineligible at a later stage? Click here to download

Pack two: How can I best prepare for the assessment? And what should I be able to expect of a good assessment? Click here to download

Pack three: If I am eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, then I have a legal right to have that funding as a personal health budget. How can I weigh up how much choice and control I wish to take? Click here to download