Building on a people’s movement for change…


This is a series of short videocasts and podcasts to explore some of the issues that people with personalised care are facing during the Covid-19 crisis. 

The reason we’re producing them is to hear directly from people about: 
How their lives are being affected 
How they’re finding ways to cope
Any top tips they might have that might be useful for other people  

We hope you find them interesting and useful. 

Covid-19 Videocast – Melanie & Nicholas’s Experience

Melanie and Nicholas talk to Robyn about their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. Nicholas has cerebral palsy, and with his mum, Melanie, they hold a personal health budget. They share how their lives have changed in recent weeks due to shielding Nicholas from the virus, and how they are finding ways to cope.

Covid-19 & Carers Week – Trevor’s Experience

We talk to Trevor about his role as a family carer, how coronavirus has affected him and his family, the difference that personalised care has made in his son’s life, and what Carer’s Week means to him.

Covid-19 & Carers Week – Chitra’s Experience

We talk to Chitra about caring for her son, Avy, the importance of Carer’s Week, the impact that personalised care has had in their lives, and how the coronavirus pandemic has affected them. Avy has complex needs, and they hold a personal budget.