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New resource to support personal health budget holders

Through a Newcastle University research project run by people with lived experience of receiving personal health budgets, a new website has been launched today:

People that receive a Personal Health Budget for themselves, family members or friends, can find themselves running a care team with little in the way of support for the day-to day needs of administering and managing paid carers. In fact, this is true for anyone running a care team at home no matter how it is funded.

This website is a new, free, repository of templates and staff policy documents. So far the website has over 70 examples that can be downloaded – all of them useful for anyone that holds or is gaining a care budget, especially if it used to employ staff. No need to sign in to browse. Just sign in if you want to download, all you need is your email address – no credit card or any other personal details required.

All the documents come from people with lived experience of running a care budget. And, the website has been created with people with lived experience. There’s no corporation, health authority or charity operating it. Although formed and funded out of a research project, the site is a standalone offering. is a wiki – so it grows by people adding to it.  All the input is reviewed before being published, so people can have confidence in what appears there.

Have a look and pass on this news. The more people that know about the website, use it, add to it, change it, the better. If you need to know more, then have a look at this page on the website.  

You can also make contact with the site creators in any of these ways to find out more:

Wiki website:

Wiki email:

Wiki Twitter: @mycarebudget

Wiki Facebook:

September 2021